Some of us are very lucky in life, and meet the right people at the right time. Some of us need to work hard to become successful.

You might have great ideas, but did you do anyhting with these ideas? Do you dare to jump into the unknown?

Did you ever wonder why you are still stuck in this or that situation? Why you keep attracting situations you don't want? 

Do you know how I went from this super-shy insecure girl to an open, social and successful trainer?

It was self-development! Trainings & experiences that forced me out of my comfort zone! 

If I can do this, so can you! 

That's why I'm committed to teaching you all there is to know about you, life, how to get to where you want to go, how to transform into an even better version of yourself!

FOCUS Training

Create your own personal mission statement and set clear goals. Clear out all that is non-essential, create order, learn how to get organised. You also learn how to stay focused even when in surroundings that divide your attention. 

6 Mindset Keys to a Balanced Life

Extended training focused on providing the key elements, mindset and right habits to create a life that is balanced and fulfilling. You will learn and practice stress management, time management, learn to set the right priorities, learn how to create a winning mindset and how to communicate effectively.

The Art of War

Who hasn't heard from Sun Tzu and his "Art of War"? But do you really know how to 'read' people, how to really understand your own way of functioning and that of others? Once you learn the art of personality reading, you have all the winning assets on your side. 

Team Cohesion Training

In the Team Cohesion Training, you get to lead a real herd of horses with your team. You learn about your and your team's functioning modes, about non verbal communication, natural & inspiring leadership and team authenticity.



“Arriving with a ton of questions in my mind (Should I stay at my current job? Start a business of my own? What is it I really want?), I left the room feeling boosted with clear goals and a fresh motivation”

Amy Stance


“Géraldine's training was really boosting: not only did we get general tools and guidelines, but we also received customised advice specific to our personal and professional needs. She gave me a fresh and new perspective and I'm much more positive now.”

Sharon Thomas


It was magical,

a real challenge for me...
Géraldine found the right words, simple and fair.
I come out of this session strong and full of desire, the desire to move forward, the desire to listen to this little inner voice that I denigrate too often ...
Today is the first day of a new life! I take all the advice I received and start applying it now!

Laetitia Finck

TRAININGS by Géraldine

On-site, in-company, groups or individuals

If you are interested in getting an overview of one of the trainings, such as the program or practical info, please contact me by mail or phone. 

Though I favour to give my trainings in person, all formulas are also available online. General content is fixed, but detailed content and exercises are adapted to your needs.