Horse-assisted coaching programs



Horses are highly perceptive animals. They can pick up on subtle body language and energy, making them excellent mirrors of human intentions. Interacting with horses can help you develop stronger communication skills.

Horses (and humans) require clear and concise communication. They respond well to assertive yet respectful leaders who provide clear instructions and expectations.


Horses will cooperate with a leader they trust & respect. Leadership with horses involves building a relationship based on mutual trust, clear boundaries, and consistent behavior. This translates to human leadership too, where trust & respect are foundational to effective leadership.


Horses can sense incongruence between a person's words, body language, and emotions. Leaders who are genuine, self-aware, and fully present can create a strong connection with horses, which translates into more effective leadership skills in human interactions.

Horse-assisted coaching will enhance emotional intelligence, which is a vital leadership trait. Leaders who can regulate their emotions, understand the emotions of others, and adapt their behavior accordingly can inspire and motivate team members.


Horses can be unpredictable, requiring leaders to be adaptable & flexible. Leaders must be able to adjust their strategies based on the horse's responses. This ability to adapt to changing circumstances is valuable in every leadership role.

"Working with the horses allowed me to tap into a whole new level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Their ability to sense and respond to human emotions is truly remarkable. Through various exercises and interactions with the horses, I was able to gain valuable insights into my own patterns of behavior, communication style, and leadership approach.

One of the most powerful aspects of horse-assisted coaching was the immediate and honest feedback I received from the horses. They acted as mirrors, reflecting back my emotions and intentions, which provided me with a deeper understanding of how I show up in the world. It was eye-opening to observe how my energy and non-verbal cues influenced the horses' responses and behaviors."

Lilith, client teamcoaching


Authentic leadership emphasizes being true to oneself, displaying genuine behavior, and leading with integrity. It revolves around self-awareness, transparency, and a commitment to ethical principles.

Here are some key characteristics and principles associated with authentic leadership:


Authentic leaders have a deep understanding of their own values, strengths, weaknesses, & emotions. They recognize their own biases, motivations, and purpose.


Authentic leaders foster genuine and meaningful relationships. They are accessible, approachable, and actively listen to others. They show empathy and seek to understand the perspectives and needs of their team members.


Authentic leaders are open, honest, and transparent in their communication. They build trust by sharing information, admitting mistakes, and addressing challenges with candor.


Authentic leaders demonstrate consistency between their words & actions. They lead by example. This consistency builds trust and credibility with team members.

Example of a 1-DAY Teamcoaching on Leadership


  1. Introduction to the horses and coaches
  2. Center yourself, get in touch with the whole of you (mind, body, heart)
  3. Leadership exercises in small groups: build trust


  1. Feedback rounds
  2. 3-course lunch
  3. Re-center for afternoon program


  1. Group leadership exercises with different horses: intention, alignment, strategy, communication
  2. Final leadership exercise with whole team and whole heard: reach the objectives together

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