Get more out of life!

Are you in search of more?

More balance, more focus, better health & performance, more harmony, better relations, more fulfilment, more peace of mind, more proactiveness, more efficiency, more me-time perhaps?

Or maybe you are in search of less!

Less (mental) noise, less stress, less discussions, less work piling up, less clutter, less obligations, less priorities, less bad habits, less fatigue, ... Because deep down you know that LESS = MORE!

Whether you have been labeled with ADHD, HSP, empath, or just feel different or as if there is flow missing in your life... Or maybe you find it hard to find your way in today's fast-changing and fast-past world?

Or you want to develop your leadership skills, get the best out of yourself, awaken the entrepreneur in you?

In any of these cases, you have been directed to the right place!


With EquiCoaching, you tackle the aspects of your life that can be optimalized. Together with your coach and the horses, you work on your self-confidence, leadership skills, (non verbal) communication, your focus, your alignment. Horses don't lie and reflect your inner state and help you grow.  Result: you become the best version of you!


Is your health optimal?

Which foods & supplements are good for you to maintain a healthy and performant body, that matches your goals? 

Feel good and vibrant thanks to your personal health package. This will support your level of focus; give you more energy, less stress and better sleep. 


What are your hidden talents & strengths? Do you know 100% where you are heading? 

What is a personal mission statement? Learn how to set clear objectives and a realistic plan of action, and there's no stopping you then!

Find out what you're made of, develop your soft skills and take your life to a higher level!


Laurence Eberhart

After the training with Géraldine, I carried out a project that was close to my heart (and succeeded). Géraldine is endowed with a highly developed sense of understanding one's needs and commits fully to helping people find themselves and find their right path. Thank you, Géraldine!

Janelle Goffart

After the first session I already had a different mindset. I learned a lot of tips and tricks that I can easily apply in my daily life. I was also very well guided by Géraldine during the NLP coaching and the equicoaching. The clear information during the session gives a safe feeling. What I found very magical were the exercises with the horses. You learn to connect with the horses and in that way I learned to connect with my fears and to keep control over them.

About your coach

Hi, I'm Géraldine.

Born entrepreneur and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). The people who know me well, know that I am someone with many interests and many talents. And that used to be my problem: never being able to choose. Wanting to do everything, to help everyone. Until I discovered the power of focus and essentialism.

My mission is to make others thrive! To help you become a successful, happy and healthy person.

Life is too short to feel rushed, pressured, overwhelmed or to do a job that is not fulfilling. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you. With my results-oriented trainings and coachings, I share with you everything you need to get to the next level, be energised, performant, motivated, efficient, fulfilled and organised.

Are you interested in discovering our health products

Our products are all made of pure Aloe Vera, a plant with a tremendous amount of benefits for our overal health, immune system, skincare, digestive system.

You may contact me anytime to ask specific information about our products.

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